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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner in our tiny apartment

As always, this past weekend was about being present and enjoying the company of loved ones. We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time and while there were a few mishaps here and there, (Broken meat thermometer! Inconveniently placed kitty water dish!) I still think it was the perfect evening.

Even better, we took some time to ourselves and rested- which for me, meant sleeping for 12 hours straight. It was delicious.

Afterwards, I was determined to get our tree up.

Husband sets up the Christmas tree
Always the ham.

Let me clarify: I was determined to have the household muscle set the tree up.

Our beautiful glowing Christmas tree

Ta da! That tiny painting (A Julia Rothman original) is a treasured keepsake from my first trip visiting San Francisco, way before living here was even on my radar. I love how life circles around sometimes.

A cozy kitty by the lit Christmas tree