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Getting Off The Grid

Friday, May 30, 2014

The drive to Sequoia National Park // California
I can't wait until everyone is on Steller because it's a great way to share stories. I love being able to add video and text to an image. I learned about it from Jenna at SweetFineDay. If you sign up, be sure to follow her because she posts recipes that are so much fun to watch/read/see.

Sequoia National Park // California
It was our anniversary this week and we got off the grid for a bit.

I made a tiny Steller book for the occasion, but you'll have to download the app on your computer (or phone) to watch the video snippets. I suppose it makes sense that they would create an incentive for you to download, although I wish it were easier to view the books in their entirety across all devices. It's worth it though. The whole experience of watching stories in this way feels like you've dropped into Harry Potter for a bit. Is that too dorky? No matter. It's a fun app.

The Log House Lodge // Three Rivers, California