Notes For My Daughter

Thursday, March 10, 2016

There is so much that I want for you already. I'll get to them all one day, but to start:

© laura su

I want to raise you in a home that smells of wood shelving, filled to the brim with stories. To give you a life as stable as the wall to ceiling bookshelves that surround you as you sleep, in your first few months of existence, beside our bed.

© laura su

I want to show you that it's possible, through these stories, to find a deep connection with those who inhabit completely different lifestyles. That it's possible to empathize and feel compassion for those whose paths you'll never have to walk.

© laura su

I want to give you the key to escaping, when you need to, into other worlds so fantastic that everything else falls away, even if for just a moment. And when you are ready, to come back to a life that feels solid. Strong, secure. Like the bookshelves your father built while you were tucked safely inside my belly.

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