The First Symptom

Thursday, March 3, 2016

About a week or so after the Line Appeared On The Test, the first symptom of my pregnancy appeared. The non-crazies who don't test until they've missed their period might miss this one (which is really unfortunate because it was the absolute BEST), but I had discovered that I was pregnant a full week before that milestone.

It was plenty of time for me to notice that something unusual was happening.

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In my natural state, the me that I present to the world is of a fairly calm person. At the end of a work day, I could be described as subdued. The week following my first positive test, a pregnancy symptom appeared and it was this: complete and utter euphoria.

If you didn't know me very well, you might have assumed this change in demeanor meant that I was just feeling happy about our life altering news- we were finally going to have a baby! What I was actually feeling was a mixture of fear and dread (not a big fan of change). I was good with fear and dread though. Fear and dread was a familiar and cozy place.

But in these first couple weeks of pregnancy, I felt terrifyingly happy. I would find mundane things simply delightful and at times, this would cause me to laugh spontaneously. That giddy sensation would feel so good that I would continue to grin stupidly for the next several minutes. If I was out in public, I would point that stupid grin at strangers on the street.

I'm a born and raised New Yorker. We wear black, walk briskly, avoid eye contact in close quarters. Smiling at strangers is something we absolutely do not do.

Yet there I was, doing it.

My husband didn't understand this new happy person that he was sharing his home with.

"Stop being so happy," he said. "It's freaking me out."

I laughed heartily. For several minutes.

Perhaps I would be one of the lucky few that had no terrible symptoms! Pregnancy was going to be the best nine months of my life.

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One Response to “The First Symptom”

  1. Haha, aww... what a nice symptom! It's cool reading things like this before I make the plunge some day. I always wondered how perceptive people are about the symptoms and wouldn't you just know, because things are just inherently different? Nice to see that at least this part was positive for you. :)