Things Took A Turn

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I was so damn smug.

And then things took a turn.

I didn't see the nausea coming and when it arrived, I was caught completely and utterly off guard. Totally KO'd.

Much of it came from my intensely heightened sense of smell. Chemicals, laundry detergent, soaps. Our century old apartment, with its layers of paint and ancient caulking. His deodorant. Our toothpaste.

(If this is you, you'll need a few new household products to keep gagging to a minimum. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of items we replaced to make life a little less awful.)

And then the aversions came. Some women get to have cravings. I got to experience a deep hatred for almost everything I used to love- coffee, garlic, that fresh wood smell you get from new furniture. Spices in Indian food. Did I mention coffee? That one hurt the most.

Every night, I cried while my helpless husband got ready for bed. My sense of smell was relentless and various, formerly benign, odors would wake me up every hour. We slept apart so that at least one of us would get some rest.

"I've ruined our lives!" I would sob. Misery can only see a few inches in front of it, and without a sense of a real baby, not even a semblance of a belly bump, I had forgotten that this was something we both wanted, so desperately, just a few weeks ago.

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Life went into a dark hole for the next four months.

In that dark hole, I was also diagnosed early with gestational diabetes mellitus. I was tired all the time. Some of it was normal first trimester sleepiness but not knowing what I could or couldn't eat also severely affected energy levels. I was too exhausted to attempt any type of research. If I had, I would have found ways to cope.
GDM pro tip: Do not do what I did and cut out all carbs! Carbs = energy. An excellent way to handle carbs is to balance with protein or fats, for example: cheese with whole wheat crackers. Scrums.
Gestational diabetes affects approximately 7% of pregnancies and I was one of the lucky ones! If you've found your way to this blog because you are also pregnant, don't worry. Statistically speaking, you probably won't get it.

If you do have it, it's okay. There are alot of misconceptions floating around that only cause you more stress. Before I continue, I want you to know these extremely important things:

  1. GDM is temporary.
  2. Your having GDM is not your fault.
  3. You can still enjoy food without hurting yourself or your baby. 

Stay tuned. I was diagnosed very early, so I have mucho to say on the topic.

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  • Things Took A Turn

Scent free/Lightly Scented Products For Sensitive Pregnant Noses:

Tide Free and Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Bar Soap, All-One Hemp Baby Unscented

Olivina Moisturizing Hand and Body Wash with Pump, Lavender
This is a fairly expensive product but something that really worked for me. Affordable options exist and a good workaround is reading the ingredient list. If the list is very short and the product is advertised as "natural", it might be just as effective.

Schmidt's Deodorant - Bergamot and Lime (All-Day Protection and Wetness Relief; Aluminum-Free)
This also comes in a bar/stick form, which we sometimes pick up at Urban Outfitters but the pot is the more affordable option to try.

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