A Promise to You

The products that I tell you about will always be ones that I actually use and love. Sometimes it will be for free and sometimes I'll use affiliate links. I will never spam you or clutter up my blog with weird ugly ads because, well, they ugly.

If I put ads on this site, they will be beautiful and relevant to what I'm blogging about here.

If I am using affiliate links, it'll be because the product is already part of the blog post. I might share a review about a product but I'll never try to hard sell you anything.

If I am reviewing a product, I will link items directly to that product, even if I don't make a dime. There's nothing I find more irritating than a review of the item, and then a link to a similar item just because I'll make money from that link. You know the kind of link I'm talking about. If I hate seeing it on other blogs, you won't find it on mine.

But! If the original product is sold out, I'll try to find the next best thing for you to buy because sold out links are also annoying.

If there's any question about the integrity of this blog, I will come back here and clear it up.

I promise.

Sealed with a kiss!


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